A Fresh Homecoming for Midwest Students

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Tuesday marked the first day of school for Natrona County kids, but for one school in particular, it was more than just the start to a new year.

Midwest School is considerably small compared to other schools in Casper, but for over 100 students it is their school.

News 13 visited Midwest to walk through the newly re-opened building and speak with the principal.

Principal Chris Tobin shared, “It’s like a homecoming. We've spent the year away and now we get to come home and be where we belong."

May 25th, 2016 Midwest School was closed due to an excessive amount of carbon dioxide filtering into the building.

CO2 is put into the ground to help extract oil in the area, but the gas has to escape somewhere.

"We found there wasn't an easy solution. At that time we had to transfer all of our kids, all of our belongings. We picked up the school and moved to Casper,” said Principal Tobin.

After over a year of careful planning and decision-making a system was put into place to make the school safe for students and faculty to return.

David Sunday, a Midwest teachers said, “I think that the district, the state, all of the agencies that have helped us get back on our feet have taken precautions to help us get back into our building so that we're safe."

With a new radon detector as well as a direct tube to send out excessive CO2, Midwest School is back on track to providing a safe learning environment for students.

"Parents are more at ease now that they can actually see the building and know that all the monitoring is going on."

With the help and support of the Midwest community, students only had to spend one year away from their beloved school.

"Moving back here to Midwest, it's a sense of relief."

Because of the new system, the air quality on the school grounds is better than ever.

Officials added, because of the new mitigation system to help deter future CO2 build up, the school now has some of the cleanest air in the state.