8 Wacky and Wild Wyoming Laws: True or False

Like every state, Wyoming and even Casper have a unique set of laws.
Many that you might not even know about.

Think you can answer the questions?

Last week Casper Police Detective John Hatcher joined News 13 to answer some of the questions below:
1. A person can be charged with a crime in Wyoming if they neglect to close a fence?

2. In Wyoming a person must make sure their horse is secure before going into a saloon?

3. Throwing rocks at vehicles or buildings is illegal in the city of Casper?
4. A person is allowed to fish with a gun in Wyoming?

5. Women and children are not allowed to walk on the same side of the street that a bar is located on in the city of Casper?

6. A person can make U-turn in the city of Casper as long as it is in an intersection?

7. It is against the law in the city of Casper to spit on a sidewalk or on a public floor?

8. You do not need to stop at a stop sign if there is not a white line around the stop sign?