Even Scientists Were Blown Away By Great American Eclipse

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The eclipse was seen around the world and Casper, Wyoming was one of the best spots on the planet!

News 13's Meteorologist Justin Roth joins us at the desk to tell us about the experience at Casper College.

The event today was the Super Bowl for astronomers, so to speak and the Casper skies didn't hinder the view at all.

"I couldn't sleep last night is the eclipse on yet is it happening.”

The anticipation waiting for the event was real.

Les Anderson who witnessed his 13th total eclipse today, “All the things you know about how the earth and the moon work are going to be different one the first things you notice as it reaches a twilight like about a half hour after sunset."

Not to mention a rapid temperatures drop and the silence of wildlife right before.

Even experienced scientists have trouble putting it into words.

Paul Dusinbery from the Space Science Institute commented, “I am thrilled you know it’s the people too it's not just the looking at the sun which is very cool but it's just having watching the people look at the sun which is even more cool because science is really great a tell people a lot now this is the Super Bowl of science and it’s a national event.”

The national event of the year didn't disappoint for the thousands that came to Casper.

With our breath-taking views and Louis Berman from Philadelphia explained his experience.

“Just everything you know about it is wrong so you don't really understand the temperature you don't really understand the horizon you don't understand the fact that I’m here with my wife and was oh why the hell we going and she’s going like oh my god. You know. It's just brilliant.”

Berman has been an astronomer for over 40 year his excitement was infectious but for him and his team there was plenty of work to do.

"We probably have something order of 7 or 8 instruments setup the firstly the technical being able to look at things but to have your friends go, Ahhh and UHH Ah you know with them that's part of the charm."
It's easy to see how you can catch eclipse fever.

"People don't think about science literacy I guess is the best way to put it one hope this helps make America more science literal which is a great goal and I plan on doing the exact same thing in America. The 2024 one.”

No matter if you came from Canada, France or China; it didn't matter because everyone’s eyes were focused on something much greater than where we are from.

They were focused on the sun, the center of our solar system.

Speaking with an eclipse chaser who has seen more than 15 eclipses, he acknowledged this one in Casper was probably the best one he has seen yet.