4 Mistakes Young Professionals Make when Asking for a Raise at Work

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2017 is here and you may be looking for a new year raise, but before you dive in make sure to slow down and take some time to consider these four common mistakes we discovered on LinkedIn:

1. Looking and expecting a raise once a year. You have to earn a raise not expect one. Getting a raise should be an on-going conversation with your employer, not just a once a year or a one-time thing.

2. Another miscue is not knowing how much you are earning or how much you should be earning. This is like walking into your bosses off with the lights off. You are going in blindly and requesting a raise, but do you know how much to ask and why? Always be prepared with your numbers and report.

3. What happens if he/she says no? Do you have a backup plan? Are you prepared to negotiate or settle for a smaller bite?

4. Expecting karma to come full circle and grant you a raise. Not asking for a raise is never going to get you a raise. Stand up and defend your work and work habits and simply ask, worst case scenario, you still have job and your boss will respect you more for asking.

Bonus Tip:

Success! You were granted a raise, but what should you do with it? Invest, invest, invest, or at least a good chunk of it!