34 Wyoming Teams Debate to be Great

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The three day Wyoming State Forensic Tournament kicked off in Lander over the weekend.

News 13’s Raven Ford spoke with students about their preparations and presentations.

Over 300 students came to represent their schools throughout the state.
“I come from Rock Springs High school.”

“Cheyenne South High School.”

“I’m in Douglas High School.”

And they all came with one intention, “We came to win!”

Students participated in twelve different categories such as: drama, humor, poetry, debate and informative speaking.

All for the sweepstakes trophy; “I’m really excited, I’m really nervous because this is my first time.”

Marcella Caballero, Douglas High School student shared, “It’s like you’re nervous but you’re happy but you have adrenaline rush because you’re presenting something, something beautiful.”

Londe Gognon, Wyoming High School Forensic Association President, “It’s going to be a lot going on it’s going to be a lot of stressed out kids this is the biggest tournament of the year and kind of the one that they’ve been working on for all year.”

Stress will be abundant, but students shared their secrets on how they prepare for the competition.

“I would say hours and hours of practice.”

Abbie Robins, Rock Springs High School student, “Oh boy I put on my sunglasses and listen to ice, ice baby so you just got to fine whatever makes you comfortable.”

Although a competitive environment, students say it’s best to focus on having a good time.

Cheyenne South High School student, Angela Stinson commented, “It’s going to be a lot of fun it’s going to be a lot of emotions but that’s part of the joy of speech and debate.”

“Have fun have a blast doesn’t matter how well or how poorly you do as long as you have fun and have a great experience it’s all up in the air from that.”

Thursday was the preliminary round.

Two more rounds are necessary to determine a winner, 34 schools competed.