Wyoming's Future in 30 Seconds

Wednesday night our future governor stood alongside fellow candidates debating issues affecting our livelihood.

Thirty seconds to debate issues affecting us every day.
Some say it starts from the top.

"Well we just have to completely change how we do everything. We make decisions as a state that keep us in the boom and bust cycle. We hunker down and wait for the next boom instead of investing in our communities investing in education," said Mary Throne, (D) Gubernatorial Candidate.

To jobs and our primary industries

"I want to protect, advocate for and fight for our legacy industries of mineral, agriculture and tourism. I think the state needs to be a partner with our industries and make sure they're healthy, strong and that we’ve got a good vibrant private sector," said Harriet Hageman, (R) Gubernatorial Candidate.

And making money for our state

"We need the revenue from marijuana. You don't have to smoke it, you don’t have to use it but enjoy the revenues from it," said Rex Wilde, (D) Gubernatorial Candidate

While reducing spending and attracting businesses

"I spoke a little about making it easier and more efficient to do business here. If you come to the state now you have to go see several agencies. If we can pair that down, make it more simple, that'll work much better so that can help reduce our costs," said Mark Gordon, (R) Gubernatorial Candidate.

And working to keep our younger generations within our borders

"We need to have a diversity of career paths in our state. Right now we're very limited to our energy industry, our travel and tourism industry and agriculture. We need to grow technology, manufacturing and a lot of other areas that'll help our kids have a choice in staying here in the state," said Sam Galeotos, (R) Gubernatorial Candidate

Though they all have different visions for our state, they share a common goal to make it better.
There are four democrats, six republicans and one constitution party candidate running for Wyoming governor.