30 Gallons of Blood in 40 Years!

A Casper woman is honored for, "giving life" to others through numerous blood donations.

Marty Robinson has done two-hundred and forty six blood donations in the past forty years.

News 13's spoke with Robinson who has been a blood donor since high school.

Marty Robinson has provided 30 gallons of blood since the 1970's.

United Blood Services staff said every drop of blood counts.

Brittany Sigel at United blood Services shared, “Marty has enhanced the lives of up to 735 patients with her donations!"

It was all smiles as Robinson received recognition Thursday for giving donations for around forty years.

United Blood Services employees pinned her and honored her dedication to saving lives.

"She comes in here and volunteers he her time and she is just a giving person. It’s amazing and it’s amazing to see."

The big question for Robinson, does it get any easier to have a needle placed in your arm to donate blood?

She said, “Yes it does and it’s not hard to start out with. They're very good, very professional here but you get the comfort of the people they're very easy work with very pleasant to be around and it’s simple.”

She also said it's important that others donate to help the community.

She continues doing this life saving measure, because she knows someone will need it.

"Because it saves lives; it’s something that I can do that can help save people’s lives."

Robinson doesn't call herself a hero, rather a resident just making a difference.

Robinson added for those who are nervous about needles, grab a friend and donate together.