2019 Wyoming Auction Association

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CAPSER, Wyo. A woman dominating the game in a male-dominated field is what the current international champion auctioneer is doing.

"When I first started auctioneering the statistics were that women made up less than five percent of the auction industry and women under the age of 30 made up made up like less than three percent of the auction industry." Said Emily Kroul, the international Champion Auctioneer.

Kroul has been thankful to receive offers she never dreamed could be possible.

"I never could have imagined the opportunities that I have had in the auction industry storage wars is one of them I was also on American Idol um I was also on another reality show five or six years ago that was all auction based." She said.

She has been in the industry her entire life as her father is also an auctioneer.

He sent her to auctioneer school one summer and it has paid.

"the I A C which is the international auctioneer championship is something that I competed in for ten years so it wasn't just a quick easy in and out I had to be there every single year pay my dues practice work to get better every year and fortunately this year I was picked to be the winner," Kroul explained.

Not only is it a father-daughter duo for Kroul, but the company includes her mother, cousin, and brother.

Her father has watched her grow in this industry and could not be more happy for her.

Kroul sees the industry heading more online which is different but she is excited to see what comes.