2018 OYD Oscar Awards

Yellowstone District business owners were honored Monday at the 10th annual redevelopment "Oscars" award ceremony.

News 13's Heath Bradberg talked to some, learning how they contributed to rebuilding the Old Yellowstone District.

Several areas around the Old Yellowstone District have gotten upgrades and improvements over the past year including the David Street Station and other small business renovations.

Many continue making their mark in our area with 14 recipients of the 'Old Yellowstone District Awards.’

Trisha Henriksen shared at the ceremony, “We are a new business this year, and so, we got a call the other day saying we needed to be here at 4:00 to receive an award."

Some business owners received plaques, while others got certificates and some, a brick as an award for their inspiring work.

Karl Killmer and Phil Schmidt shared, “We won this nifty award. It's a new award call the cornerstone award, and it's for pioneering the future development of the Old Yellowstone District, as we were one of the first people 15 years ago to go ahead and refurbish a facility in downtown."

The good neighbor award was given to organizations putting extra effort into making the area more appealing, while preserving history with older buildings.

Maureen Lee and Connie Thompson said, “Our goal, really, is to inform the public how important it is to save these structures, if at all possible, because this is a part of our past."

"A year ago, we became a national downtown historic district, and that has been awesome. I think it's made the public more aware of what we are all about.”

The key item many of these business owners and volunteers learned everyone working together makes the community a better place.
Nineteen awards were awarded.

The Office Bar and Grill was the only establishment given an award in four different categories.

Below are the businesses and organizations that won awards at the ceremony:
Substantial Building Renovation/ Reuse-Commercial Property:
1. Spruce Nail Bar
2. The Gaslight Social
3. Yellowstone Garage Bar and Grill
4. The Office Bar and Grill

Facade Upgrade-Commercial Property:
1. The Office Bar and Grill

Landscaping-Commercial Property:
1. The Office Bar and Grill
2. The Gaslight Social

Creative Signage:
1. Stellar Programming and Consulting Inc.
2. The Office Bar and Grill

Redevelopment Partner:
1. Stateline No. 7 Architects
2. Trihydro Corporation
3. Trihydro Corporation

Good Neighbor Award
1. The Five Trails Rotary Club for the OYD Rotary Clock Tower
2. The Downtown Development Authority for connecting businesses with the David Street Station
3. The Casper Historic Preservation Commission for the endless lobbying and education in the preservation of historic downtown buildings.

Cornerstone Award/Inspiration Award
1. Fire Station #1
2. Casper Urban Renewal Agency
3. Movie Palace Investments, LLC

Cornerstone Award -100 Years in the OYD
1. Wyoming Automotive