2017 Glendo Total Solar Eclipse

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A small Wyoming town had it's population skyrocket as visitors came to Wyoming to view the total solar eclipse.

As darkness descended upon Glendo, it's no surprise eclipse viewers couldn't contain their excitement and reactions.

"I was about to cry for joy it was so cool!" said Cordelia Pavicich, who traveled with family to see her first eclipse.

The remote town of over 200 had thousands flock within several days to experience day, turning into night for roughly two and a half minutes.

"It was cool to see the shadow coming from behind us and all of a sudden it just gets pretty dark and it was as almost as night. It was pretty awesome," said Brenton Furphy who saw his first total eclipse.

"I was amazed. It was like wow! Really, this in Spain really doesn't happen,” said Olgafrowd Llobet, who traveled from Spain.

But for others, it was a chance to compare their first total eclipse to this one.

"It had been amazing because of the weather. The first one was a little bit clothing, but and now no. We have got very good weather," said Luis
Triay, who came from Spain.

"For the thousands of visitors in Glendo it was a breathtaking experience whether it'd be their first, second, or even third eclipse they've seen, but they all still say that it will leave an imprinting memory."

"I think it was amazing, and I'm going to remember the moment that I saw it for the rest of my life," said Persephone Pavicich.

"To be in darkness, it's just a world of difference. I would say everybody should come and see a total eclipse if they have a chance."

"Kisses from Barcelona. We love you!"

And now this remote town, will go down in history as one of the best viewing spots for a "once-in-a-lifetime event".

It's estimated there were tens of thousands of visitors in Glendo.