2017 Central Wyoming Hay Show

With the Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo back in town so are the top hay growers in the county.

The annual hay contest is held to show the counties best produce.
Officials say by judging hay It helps other producers know what’s best.

"People judge hay at contests people will walk through and see what the best’s type of hay is and they'll try and grow that hay and enhance the livestock growth” says Scott Cotton with the University of Wyoming.

A winner is determined by both lab testing and by looking at their characteristics.

"They look at these physical attributes and then we combine those with the laboratories results later today or on Monday and the end results are the champion hay producer for the year."

Fair staff tell me there is a lot of critiquing that goes into judging a bale of hair before it becomes best of show.

"Smell it and see if it smells bad like it got wet before it was hayed and got moldy. They'll feel it to see if it the stems and leaves are still flexible. They'll look at the color they'll look for everything dirt to weeds inside the hay bale"

For growers it isn't all about producing the best product.

"Bragging rights It also makes an economical difference to them. If they can tell people that this is this year’s county champion hay they can ask for a little higher price for the hay” and possibly national fame.

Tobe Skinner was a judge at this year’s hay contest and says winners "get recognition so they might be able to pull in people from back East or down South looking at that."

Keeping home grown favorites best in class.

Four bales of hay and two producers entered this year’s contest.

Fourteen year old Nicolas Gutierrez won best of show.