191 Percent Snow Pack Atop the Wind Rivers

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The Wind River Mountains still have 191 percent snowpack waiting to come down.

Last year at this time, snowpack levels were 103 percent of normal.
A weather service hydrologist says most of the snow sits around the 85-hundred to 95- hundred elevation range.

Although it seems warm during the day at lower elevations, it will need to get quite a bit warmer before mountain snow really starts to melt.

Jim Fahey told News 13, “Usually we need about three days of 75 to 80 degrees here at Riverton and lander before we see the melt, the significant melt in the mountains where it will show up in the rivers down here in the valley."

He says temperatures typically stay that high for multiple days the beginning of June.

The county remains on high flood watch.

A gradual melt is possible, but if melting mixes with rain on the mountain that's the worst case scenario to watch for.