Roaming Rattlers in Rawlins

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rRAWLINS, Wyo. (KCWY)- They crawl, slither and sometimes bite and Rawlins residents have been finding the culprits in their backyards.

Twelve rattlesnakes have been spotted within the Rawlins area so far this summer.

They have been appearing frequently in town due to the warm weather and have found spots such as gardens and yards to cool down.

Ashlea Colson, Rawlins resident captures the snakes and has had snake calls earlier than expected.

"We just started getting called by the city a couple of years ago and it seems like this year, we've gotten calls than earlier in the past and a lot of them are actually tucked up in people's gardens or under their tree; somewhere where it's cool just because it gets too hot for the snakes,” said Colson.

One dog was recently bitten by a rattlesnake in Rawlins and died from the bite.

When Colson captures the snakes she uses them for snake avoidance training so pet owners can be vigilant when around them.

Wyoming Game and Fish officials say snakes are more defensive than offensive, so if you see or hear one leave it alone.