Rain Slows Growth of the June Fire

CODY, Wyo.(KCWY) – Rain helped slow the growth of a wild fire near Yellowstone Thursday. The June fire grew from five to 1,900 acres Wednesday.

A Shoshone National Forest spokeswoman says investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire that started about fifteen miles outside Yellowstone’s East Entrance Tuesday evening. Smoke was visible Wednesday in Cody, nearly forty miles away the next day.

Ground crews set up a sprinkler system around the U-X-U Lodge, and investigators were looking at cabins on Pagoda Creek to the east. The Elk Fork Trail is closed.

Aerial firefighting operations were interrupted Wednesday, because someone was flying a drone over the fire.

Shoshone National Forest Public Affairs Officer Kristie Salzmann explained, “We have a temporary flight restriction. Which means that only aircraft that are in firefighter operations are allowed within that airspace. Obviously this drone was not involved in fighting the fire.”

Additional fire trucks, firefighters, and helicopters were called in to try to contain the fire. Salzmann said five hot shot crews will be working in the steep terrain of the mountains in the area.

She said there will also be, “Several air support. The light helicopters, the large helicopters. And, we just received word that it sounds like we’ll be getting some Super Scoopers back in Cody.”