Casper Crime Rates Lower Than Cheyenne

According to an FBI report, crime has been lower in Casper than Cheyenne.

"We're just glad to see the numbers that our numbers are as low as they are."

The 2016 FBI crime rates show Casper had fewer violent crimes than Cheyenne.

The report says Casper had 70 violent crimes compared to 172 in the State Capital.

The biggest crimes were larceny, theft, and property crimes.

Cheyenne had nearly 1,900 for theft crimes while Casper had only 1,300.

There were nearly 1,700 Casper property crimes last year while Cheyenne had over 2,400.

"By looking at these numbers that you showed me, it makes us feel really good here at the police department that our crime rates have gone down," said Detective John Hatcher from the Casper Police Department.

Councilman Chris Walsh, the former police chief, even says he isn't surprised Casper crime has been lower than Cheyenne.

"The trends appear to be kind of what we've seen for years and years and that is Casper is a pretty safe place to live," said Chris Walsh from
Casper City Council.

Crimes that remain the biggest problem in Casper are property damage and burglaries. Police even say with the oil industry that trend can go up and down, depending on how it's doing in the economy.

"People come in from different states, different backgrounds. We do see sometimes our crime rates go up, but it's hard to judge that all the time, because they don't stay here long enough."

But Detective Hatcher also believes community involvement has been a big factor in addressing crime.

"We've always been out there, but we have not really made ourselves as known, so hopefully the community is getting to know us better."

Hatcher also believes with the new online compliment form will help with community engagement, and keep crime at bay.

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