Wyoming's Senior Olympics is in Full Swing

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Casper -(KCWY) "It's a time in our life when we need to become active,” said Gloria Simmons a board member for the Wyoming Senior Olympics.

Gloria dropped competing in all her other events besides swimming, why? It’s a qualifying year for nationals next year.

"Gosh I've been swimming for years why not participate in senior Olympics,” said Simmons.

More than 400 people from across the state and country are here to promote being active.
When it comes to game time, these seniors don't mess around.

"There are folks that are interested that are super competitive, so you got the people that have just been athletes all their lives or just became athletes, then you have folks that it's a real social event for them,” said Carolyn Griffith the manager at the Casper Recreation Center.

Some athletes started preparing for this week's events just days after last year's games.

"When I see athletes, senior athletes, out running, playing tennis, playing paddleball, swimming, getting ready for the Olympics all year long they are training,” said Marty Conrad the president for the Wyoming Senior Olympics.

Seniors participate in more than 24 different sports across Casper. One of the most popular: pickle ball.

"I think it'll continue to grow because I think seniors are beginning to realize it's important to live and maintain a healthy and prosperous lifestyle,” said Simmons.

Participants are representing 21 states...and even though they are here for the "senior" Olympics, many say -- at least this week -- don't judge them by their age.

"A lot of them don't think of themselves as seniors, including me, so we are all still doing a lot of things and we like to get together and play and play hard,” said Griffith.