Wyoming's Biggest Car Show Brings a New Competition

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Organizers at Wyoming's biggest car show say the draw to old cars is the nostalgia.

“Its a memory, whether it be a car that you parents brought brand new.” said Stan Goodwin, Like the one his father bought brand new in Glendo, in 1955, but he says the love of cars, not just classics, is for everyone.

“And then the new generation, and I'm so glad to see them here. the import tuner modified cars that they have now, the fast and the furious cars so to speak, the fast and furious cars, so to speak, that's their passion, and the passion of the car culture is awesome.” said Goodwin.

But some motor heads have used their mechanical aspects in a different way.

“You know the old saying boys and their toys, well, we have some men around here that still think they're boys and these are their toys.” said John Gardner, Valve Cover Racer.

It's like the Pinewood Derby but for kids and adults, the sport is valve cover racing.

“The valve covers are valve covers that come off of engines, any engines, 6 cylinder, 4 cylinder, or 8 cylinder, and the wheels are off of skate boards, or roller skates, or roller blades.” said Gardner.

The only rules are the cars can't be over 30 inches long and can't weigh over ten pounds, and Gardner says the exciting new sport is perfect for anyone who loves racing.