Wyoming Religious Leaders Stand Up For Same-Sex Marriage

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Thirty-one religious leaders throughout the state have signed a statement arguing for legalizing same-sex marriage in Wyoming. The faith leaders who signed the statement were from several different religions and made a unified call for marriage equality; inside and outside the church.
Norman Houston said, "I don't think that the state or anybody else has a right to tell them who they can marry."
Houston isn't a spiritual leader, but he shares that thought with at least 31 of Wyoming's reverends and pastors, and those who support marriage equality say this isn't entirely a selfless act.
Pamela RW Kandt, a leader in the Episcopal Church and Integrity USA, said, "It's a complete act of self preservation. I want everybody to have equal rights, because I want to have equal rights."
Whether or not they agree with the cause, some Wyomingites think this is a fight the church should stay out of.
Kathy Banks said, "I believe that should not be part of their public opinion. Within their congregation yes, otherwise no."
Kandt signed the petition and she says for religious leaders to not get involved in the social matter would be against the tenets they preach.
Kandt said, "Prejudice and discrimination is not just, or kind, or charitable, or loving."
Kandt feels the outcome of this controversial issue will affect everyone, but those who don't agree with same sex marriage, don't need to be involved with it.
Kandt said, "Anyone who does not support marriage equality, doesn't have to get gay married."
While the letter was addressed to the state legislature, Kandt expects the legalization of same sex marriage in Wyoming to happen in the court room and not in the state house.
In March, four same-sex couples sued Gov. Matt Mead and other state officials in Laramie county district court in Cheyenne to challenge the state's ban on gay marriage.