Wyoming Ranked the Number One Place to Live for Military Retirees

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"To compare their experiences and their stories and build friendships with people who have basically common life experiences,” said Douglas Cubbison the curator at the Wyoming Veterans Memorial Museum.

All veterans have a unique bond, and in Wyoming, it seems that bond is even stronger than in other states across the nation. In new findings from WalletHub, Wyoming ranks above every other state for military retirees to live.

"This state really does an awful lot to support veterans and to support veteran’s families and to recognize their service and their sacrifice,” said Cubbison.

Military retirees are in a category all their own, The Congressional Research Service says the average age for an officer is about 45 years old, and with service overseas and in combat retirees face problems most people don't.

"Many of us are not involved in the military at all and we don't know the behind the scenes and when you really speak with someone in the military, it's humbling,” said Deb Gauldin, a singing traveling nurse.

As a traveling singing nurse Gauldin has performed around the world for veterans to help them deal with life after the military, she says the support she has seen across Wyoming for the US military is an example every state should follow.

She sang:

"This is a song for all the unsung heroes who go unnoticed every day. They are not seeking fame and glory though they deserve it anyway."

"Make sure that when Veterans need help even if it's just somebody to sit around and talk with there is people out there available to them,” said Cubbison.

John Nelson, a veteran who lives in Nevada says it’s evident the people of Wyoming have a love of freedom and of America.

"I have found that when I wear my Vietnam Veteran hat, people come up and thank me for my service, in other states that doesn't happen,” said John Nelson, a Nevada Veteran.

It's one more reason Wyomingites can be proud of their state and proud of the veterans who call it home.

"It tells me that the people of Wyoming are solid to the earth, good people,” said Nelson.