Wyoming Plans Ahead For Water Resources

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Does wyoming have enough water? Governor mead called a meeting today in casper so citizens can voice their opinion on exactly that. Water is a highly sought-after commodity throughout the region.
The state proposed several initiatives regarding storage, planning, and infrastructure. All of which may be more needed than the water itself.
Policy Advisor to Governor Matt Mead Nephi Cole said, "In relation to water Wyoming i would consider us self sustaining. We are the head waters for the nation."
Casper Public Utilities Manager David Hall said, "We have a good supply of water supply as well as water rights for the next 25 to 30 years."
Even though we have enough water for that time Governor mead is making water preservation a priority. Cole said that's because water is a commodity we easily take for granted.
Cole said, "You only have to ask someone who's been thirsty for a few days how much a glass of water is actually worth, and you begin to realize the importance of it."
Because of water's value and scarcity throughout the region, Cole said preparation is our obligation.
Cole said, "Planning for water makes sense for Wyoming. In fact it's irresponsible for us not to find ways to use the water we have a right to use."
Wyoming uses less than one fifth of its available water resources, but in casper that's not the case.
Hill said, "The North Platte River is actually over-allocated."
Which does have the potential to make water availability an everyday concern in Casper.
Hill said, "We haven't always been so fortunate."
Now Casper's fortune has changed. Hill credits this to the pathfinder modification project and the purchase of an upstream reservoir a few years back.
Hill said, "We now have a much firmer water supply that will provide us with certainty into the future."
So for casper the future looks wet.
Governor mead intends to adopt five to ten of the proposed initiaves and make them measurable parts of state agencies' performance.