Wyoming Oil Industry On The Up And Up

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Wyoming supplied nearly 69 million barrels of oil last year alone.

That's what members of the Petroleum Association of Wyoming discussed during their annual meeting in Casper today.

"Wyoming is the largest producer of energy to the United States in the country. You provide forty percent of the coal the country uses. That's an amazing number," says Rayola Dougher, with the American Petrolem Institute.

This was the topic of the day. She continues, "We have to have policy that makes sense. That grows our economy and protects our environment at the same time, but it's a challenge."

A challenge she says is supported by local government. She cites the residents of the state electing candidates supportive of the energy industry as one of the reasons for the boom. They were on hand today to show their support.

Senator Mike Enzi was one of those people, saying, "Petroleum Association and energy are Wyoming. That's where most of our education money comes from. That's where a lot of money from the communities and state comes from. It's also where the good paying jobs are in Wyoming and some delightful people that are willing to get their hands dirty everyday so we can get what we need."

It benefits the economy as well. He continues, "Wyoming is a source of really good paying jobs and is also a source of taxes for the local state government and it's a lot of people that are interest in the community which provides the spirit of community which is Wyoming."

For now, Rayola says we are on the right track, "When you plot what is happening it's amazing. It will make all the difference in the entire century. Not only for the future, your life and my life, but for generations to come."

Douglas and Cheyenne are just a few of the areas having a surge in oil production.

In 2013, 22 of our 23 counties produced oil or natural gas.

The Petroleum Association of Wyoming's annual meeting also included a trade show and a luncheon.