Wyoming Medical Center Pushes for EMT Use

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Casper, WY -- February is national heart month and health professionals are raising awareness about the benefits of calling an ambulance in an emergency situation. Wyoming Medical Center often promotes EMS services and explains some of the reasons why it's so important. Paramedics can't stress enough how vital it is you do not drive yourself to the hospital when experiencing symptoms of cardiac arrest. Not merely for your own safety, but for others' as well.

Tami Scott, a Paramedic for Wyoming Medical Center, says "If you come by ambulance, you risk, you don't run that risk of uh more damage to your heart. You can get right to the cath lab." Americans wait an average of two hours after the first signs of a heart attack before doing something about it and in Natrona County, only 30% of people who suspect a heart attack call 9-1-1. Scott continues, "it's scary is what it is. And we actually see people driving themselves in with chest pain and they are having a heart attack."

Because Wyoming Medical Center leadership frequently raises awareness for emergency vehicle use, they're able to save more lives. Ranking them in the top ninetieth percentile of hospitals in the country. Though it seems that for most people, calling an ambulance is worth the cost.

Jennifer Doyle states, "I would absolutely call an ambulance because my life is worth the cost that I would pay and they're equipped and you're paying for the service that you get." It's important to think about your loved ones in such a serious scenario.

Lucas Gulliford says, "yes i would call an ambulance, uh, due to the panic factor i have a family to think about, so if i was alone, absolutely i would just call, have them rush me there and fix it." Paramedics say that traveling in an ambulance is like having an emergency room on wheels. It's the next best to assessing the situation immediately. You can attend the free public meeting on why you should call 9-1-1 Friday February 20th at the Natrona county library. The meeting begins at 12:30pm and drinks and snacks will also be provided.