Wyoming Hunting Licenses Are Being Sold Solely Online

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Casper -(KCWY) This year hunters are directed to the Wyoming Game and Fish website to buy hunting licenses, a move towards a fully electronic process after major budget cuts were put in place.

"It is an incredible savings in our application process; we save a lot on printing costs," said Janet Milek, The public information specialist for the Casper Wyoming Game and Fish regional office.

Hunters may apply right now for a limited quota license or a general license online, or they can wait to buy the general license over the counter when they go on sale July 1st.

"This actually gives them an additional opportunity to have that general license in the event that their first choice license was not selected," said Kindra Brown, the Office Manager for the Wyoming Game and Fish Casper office.

Game and Fish employees say they have been answering many phone calls with hunters confused about the new process.

"In the past the general has just been sold to folks over the counter at any time that they come in, and we were having a difficult time with people remembering if they bought a general license," said Milek.

The department's new process is trying to make it easier on hunters across the state.

"There is no worry about something getting lost in the mail or missing a deadline, so we are getting a lot of good feedback," said Brown.

Those who need assistance with the application process can call their regional office or stop in to use their computer kiosk.

"I'm just as technologically challenged as the next person so I completely understand that people have challenges and we just want to make this a good experience for our hunters in Wyoming, so we are here to help at any time," said Milek.