Wyoming Employers Having Issues Finding Suitable Employees

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Wyoming has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and with so few people throughout the state looking for a job. Employers need a bit of creativity when it comes to finding candidates.
There are only 12,000 or so unemployed people in the entire state and a couple of managers in the Casper area say its all about reaching them.
Though the Wyoming pool of job-seekers is small, Casper employers say it's not hard getting applicants, it's hard to get the right ones.
Keyhole Technologies General Manager T.C. Murphy said, "We have to have people with clean driving records, and that's kind of a big obstacle to get over at times."
Murphy combats that hurdle by reaching as many potential employees as possible he uses newspaper and internet ads, along with a few of his own ideas.
Murphy said, "We have business cards, actually it just an apply card, that we usually hand out to people, that just say apply on line."
And he isn't the only hiring manager trying unconventional means of finding workers. Over at party america the manager uses the oldest form of advertising; word of mouth.
Party America Manager Jessica Reed said, "I actually ask my employees if they know of anybody that is looking for a part-time job that is willing to come out and help us out."
Reed says using her current employees to find new ones is usually successful, because they know what kind of people reed wants around. But it isn't the only method she uses. Reed knows she needs more than just her staff's friends and family to know jobs are available.
Reed said, "Ever since I put our sign out on the reader board out there, we get pretty good flow of people seeing that we are hiring."
And back at keyhole technologies, Murphy says if you really want to reach as many people as possible you need to hit the web
Murphy said, "What's really great that we've had a lot of success with is our online."
Murphy says he also posts his company's job openings on the Wyoming at work website which he thinks is a great resource for anyone seeking employment. Both Murphy and Reed say they are looking for organized applicants with a steady work history displaying reliability.