Wyoming DUI Laws

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CASPER, WY - Wyomingites want heavier D-U-I laws around the state saying we can do better cracking down on repeated offenders.

A recent statement made by Mothers Against Drunk Driving says Wyoming's drunk driving prevention efforts are lacking.

"One of the things we did in the city of Casper is toughen up on our first offense,” said Crime Prevention Officer Joe Nickerson. “The Alcohol Court in the City of Casper has some pretty stiff penalties for first offense DUIs, to try and get the message on early. This is not something that we're going to tolerate,”

Casper police are taking steps to see repeat offenders get what's coming to them when they drink and drive.

"Typically on a second offense we will run that through our city court for the stiffer penalties. I understand now though there are states looking to maybe stiffening some penalties and some people would like that. If that were the case maybe they would like to run it through county."

Breathalyzers are now being placed in second-offense violators' vehicles, but they aren't given to first-time offenders.

"Those are implemented now if they're arrested with a very high BAC level, I believe it's over 0.15. Those repeat offenders can also be sentenced to interlocks. Those are great tools.

DUI's are a misdemeanor offense, but they're one of the most dispute issues for state residents.

"It’s one of the most involved criminal cases you ever work because it affects your privileges to drive and things like that. They hire authorities and fight tooth and nail. It's a very involved and hard worked misdemeanor."

People in the state care about their personal liberties. Some are asking when is our freedom hurting others?

"It's a cowboy state and that’s how most people are. I think it shouldn’t be that way but it is. DUI's are common. Some people will go out late and jump in the truck. That's when most accidents happen," said Casper Resident Diamond Hallock.

Officials say looking into addiction and counseling should be part of the drunk driving offense.

Recent changes in the demerit point system have left some residents unhappy with Wyoming laws.

Currently police are not allowed to conduct sobriety check points within the state.