Wyoming Board of Education At A Standstill with New Science Standards

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Casper -( KCWY) "It's said that the public is included in this process we are not sure the public has any impact,” said Cindy Mckee, a mother and former public school teacher against the new proposed science standards.

Supporters and opponents of the new generation science standards were both vocal.

"These were developed independently funded by the Carnegie foundation so we can't call them national standards, they were developed nationally and they have great impact,” said Dr. Jim Verley, a Science Content Specialist at the Wyoming Department of Education.

A state education committee comprised of educators, consultants, and legislators have been working on new standards for the past 18 months, but they've reached an impasse.

"Hundreds of us contacted them about this set of standards that we have huge concerns with it, among those concerns are that they are not religiously neutral,” said Mckee.

Teaching evolution, global warming, and climate change -- all hot topics, and the new generation science standards would teach all three.

"This is a global society we live in this is no longer a single state and these particular standards were developed with that in mind,” said Verley.

Superintendent Cindy hill, who doesn't have a vote on the board, says the standstill shows the department needs direction.

"People who spoke for the next generation science standards are parents, I'm a parent, and I’m a grandparent. I care just as much for the education of my children of those people who spoke out,” said Verley.

"We are opposed to having a set of standards that assume anything, that assume that evolution has occurred this is a theory still even though most scientist operate on that it's still an unproven theory that is the truth,” said Mckee.

Verley says these are the best standards, educationally and scientifically, he has seen in his lifetime, and his committee saw nothing that wasn't sound.

"They have the ability to examine the standards and bring together the best for Wyoming and create for Wyoming world class totally neutral standards for Wyoming,” said Mckee.