Wyo Game & Fish Receive $45k Donation for 'Access Yes' Program

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Wyoming Game and Fish recently received its largest donation to date for their Access Yes program.

The program opens up more land to hunters across the state by using donations to pay private land owners.

Wyoming Game and Fish's Access Yes program is funded by several sources including donations and restitution payments.

But a donation of this amount means more hunting grounds sooner in the year.

Janet Milek, Wyoming Game and Fish's Public Information Specialist says, "we're just really excited to be able to provide the kind of access that this will allow to our hunters and anglers.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation donated $45,000 to help secure hunting grounds for hunters.

"For every one dollar that is donated to Access Yes, it opens up 4.2 acres of land. So, this donation of $45k, do the math. It's going to open up a lot of land for hunters."

Game and Fish employees are thrilled to receive a donation of this amount. Although, of course, they welcome donations of all sizes.

"So anything from a dollar to $45,000 is critical to the success of the program. And so, if a hunter comes in and gives us a dollar, we're just as excited to receive that as we are to receive the $45,000."

And it won't be long before Game and Fish will be able to put this donation to good use.

"This particular donation will start hunting seasons in November, we'll start to see the land opening up."

Last year, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation raised more than $1.5 million.. just in the state of Wyoming.

Matt withroder, Game and Fish's Regional Access Coordinator says, "we're very fortunate to have sportsman organizations such as Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and others, who donate to this program to allow for public hunting and fishing opportunity in Wyoming."

Milek says, "as Wyoming sells and more private lands are being shutdown to hunters, this is a great opportunity to keep some of the doors open."

Bowhunters of Wyoming also raised over $13,000 recently to put toward other projects including hunter mentor day, which falls on August 23rd this year.
Application season for hunting licenses goes through May 31st of this year.