What Do You Think the One-Cent Sales Tax Should Be Used For

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Renewal of the One-Cent Sales Tax is up in this year's November election and the city is asking you how the funds should be used. Assistant to the City Manager Fleur Tremel says, "Before the election the city will put out a list that council has gone through that council approved of items it will be spent on."
Wyoming currently charges a four-percent sales tax on most items bought throughout the state; and for more than thirty-years Natrona County residents have opted to pay five with the additional one-percent being used for infrastructure and equipment throughout the county. "Basically over the last 4 years the city has gotten over 50 million from it," Tremel said.

Over the years the city has held information sessions to ask residents what they believe the money should be used for. "The four top items we use in on are streets, water, fire, and police and that’s just because what everyone has voted on in the past of being the highest priorities for what we should spend the one cent on," Tremel said.

It looks to be the same again this year. Casper resident Carol Crump says, "I think the core things of police, fire, roads, water will always be at the top of everybody's list," while Casper Resident Sandy De Fry agrees. "Use it for the important things not for just the ten percent of the population or 15 percent want it."

Although, there is a different area that seems to be gaining support that involves, City Hall, Hogadon, along with other city buildings.

"We did see a jump in what we used to call perpetual care, but is a one percent operation building savings fund and so we think just a better explanation that people understand in order to maintain our buildings it's nice to have a savings we can use the interest," Tremel said.

The money residents pay with the additional tax doesn't in any way go toward city officials’ salaries, but rather to the city itself. "We don't use it on operating expenses and we don't use it on salaries or anything like that," Tremel said.

Residents say having all of this tax revenue can benefit the city, but we need to be cautious on how it's going to be used. "The more one cent project we add on to do, then the more money we need to maintain those. So there should be some caution," De Fry said.