West Side Construction Causes Some Destruction

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Many Wyoming residents know once the deep freeze of winter leaves and the sun starts to come out it can mean only one thing: construction season is approaching. Three weeks into August we are in the thick of the construction season, but some believe this year has been noticeably worse than in years past.

Casper Resident Jimmy Franklin says, "I live five miles away and it's been taking me a half hour to get to work."
While driving around Casper these past few summer months, it seems like it’s almost been impossible to find a route without hitting some type of construction from the intersection of Poplar and CY to Robertson road.

Wyoming Department of Transportation Spokesperson Jeff Goetz says, "When the budget comes through, when the money's available, when the projects are done, that's when we can go ahead and do them. This year just happens be these projects just lined up, the stars lined up this year and that's the way it was."

Unlike the asphalt of a freshly-paved road, things haven’t quite gone as smoothly as WYDOT planned. The chip seal project on Wyoming Boulevard, which was intended to make the road last longer, put a few chips into something else.

"The chip seal didn't adhere to the road like it was supposed to," Goetz said, which damaged some vehicles in the process. Jimmy Franklin, whose truck was damaged says, "Just picked up a bunch of stuff on my tires and the vehicles in front of me picked up a bunch of stuff on their tires and the truck in front of me lost some of the stuff on his tire and it smacked my windshield real good,” and he wasn’t the only one; Reid Cruickshank truck also received damage. "There was a dump truck in front of me and I actually watched it hit my windshield and then actually on my way home from getting a quote another one hit it and I got another crack."

The Wyoming Boulevard construction was contracted out to a third-party construction company, Intermountain Slurry Seal. So if your vehicle suffered any damage, they’re the ones to file a claim with. "Thus far dealing with the company, I mean she was very quick to e-mail me the forms that I needed," Franklin said.

Although, some believe construction around the city could have been better planned. "I do think that they should've opened up another area before they started construction on this area and I think that would have made it a lot easier on everybody including themselves," Franklin said.

Website to file claim: http://www.intermountainslurryseal.com/