Well Water Testing is Encouraged this Week

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Its National Ground Water Awareness Week and the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality is urging you to get your well water tested annually.

“Often times people don't really know what they've been drinking,” said Steve Dobos of Energy Laboratories “and that's why if you have a private well, state officials encourage you to get the water tested annually.”

“One of the concerns are that there's no government or federal agency, state or local that regulates water quality from private drinking water wells.” said Keith Guille, Wyoming Department of Environment Quality.

Guille says it’s important to take responsibility and be aware of what could be in your water.

“A lot of times there's a lot of naturally occurring types of contaminates like bacteria, arsenic, and uranium, so it's important for them to test them and know what's essentially in their well.” said Guille.

But a lot of what could be in the well depends on a whole spectrum of things, like how deep the well is and its proximity to surface contamination. Energy Laboratories in Casper is one place that tests water quality.

“If there's a lot of livestock activity and wildlife you should definitely have bacteria and nitrates tested annually.” said Dobos.

And, if you live near a petroleum facility of some kind, you should have it tested more often.

Knowyourwell.org has information on where you can get water tested, and the state has designated March 13th as “Know Your Well Day.”