Well Integrity Report Calls for More Research

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"It just feels like we are stuck in a hamster wheel and we just keep going and going and we never get any answers," says John Fenton, Pavillion Landowner.

Answers are what John Fenton wants, and of course, usable water and clean air.

The first of three Well Integrity reports was issued this week.

"The report has a lot of data missing. We don't have the water test results that the DEQ is doing. They haven't even done the second round of sampling yet. And then there is a huge amount missing on the oil and gas wells," says Fenton.

According to the report, the natural gas wells are not the problem.

"The report really confirms that the natural gas wells in the Pavillion area were soundly constructed and provide no migration pathway into domestic water wells, says Doug Hock, Encana.

Now it is important to note that it is not actually the town of Pavillion that is being affected by the water, it is actually the people on the outskirts of town that are having the trouble.

"I wish we'd just cut to the chase and get the work done and get some answers. I mean, the people out here, this is part of what this is, I have my own air monitoring because my hair all fell out. I mean, my hair, and I am trying to figure out what is going on with me," says Fenton.

Encana officials say they are focused on the facts.

"Let's follow good scientific principles good sound science and that's really what the state is doing. And this is just the first of three reports that will be issued," says Hock.

Fenton stresses those answers need to come soon.

"So we really need to decide what we are doing out here and really get moving on it because the people out here are running out of time. People are sick," says Fenton.