Weather Responsible for Severe Damage in Dangerous Fires

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The weather majorly influenced the destruction and damage caused in two house fires and a wild land fire, in the past week.

Heavy snow pack from the winter plus a wet spring caused grass to grow strong and tall. which is a good thing, unless you have low humidity and high winds. Firefighters say that's the perfect storm for destruction.

“The criteria can be for, dry fuels have to be involved in there, usually low humidity and usually there's wind involved and/or the possibility of dry lightning, and the potential for once we get a fire it growing rapidly and kind of controlling itself,” said Lt. Stew Anderson, Natrona County Emergency Management.

“This fuel here burns a lot like gasoline. It is gonna go fast, it is gonna go hot. You're talking 15-30 ft flame lengths on this fuel type right here .” said Craig Kidder, Casper Fire PIO

And that's for wildfires, but with two major house fires in the past week, the wind and low humidity played a deadly role...and these conditions cause fires to spread much faster.

“When you get that wind pushing on fire it becomes a very volatile, very dangerous situation.” said Kidder

And fire officials say just one spark can cause a life-changing tragedy.

“This is one of the most dangerous fuel types we have in Wyoming, it’s a fine flashy fuel, one spark from a muffler, or one cigarette, and this is off to the races.” said Kidder.