Vehicle Engulfed in Flames on I-25

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Glenrock fire officials responded to a truck in flames on Northbound I-25 around 8:30 this morning.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but the driver says he believes it was an electrical issue. Firefighters suggest some things drivers can do if they find themselves in a similar situation.

The driver of the truck says the fire took him by complete surprise and got out of the vehicle as fast as possible.

Kirby Marshall, the truck driver says, "well I was just driving down the road and all my guages went nuts. So, I pulled in here and when I put it in park and turned it off, it started on fire."

Glenrock Fire Department and Wyoming Highway Patrol responded to the incident and were able to extinguish the blaze shortly after arriving.

Trooper Clinton Haver, Wyoming Highway Patrol says, "by the time I got here, the vehicle was fully engulfed in flames."

Casper fire officials say it's not uncommon to have a vehicle catch on fire due to an electrical malfunction.

Justin Smith of Casper Fire Department says, "quite frankly, most vehicle fires are caused broadly by two different things. One is mechanical problems and the other is intentional fires or arson."

Smith says when a car begins to catch fire under the hood, there's very little warning and acting fast is critical.

"So if you suspect at all that there may be a fire under the hood, you definitely want to get out of the vehicle. Don't turn around to grab a bunch of belongings. Treat it just like you would a house fire. You need to get out immediately."

Even if there are no flames present, the smoke can be extremely toxic due to the chemical fluids under the hood.

"The smoke and the fumes that are going to be generated by a vehicle fire are going to incapacitate you very quickly. So, you know, that rapid exit is very important from that standpoint."

Fire officials say Marshall is lucky he made it out alive.

Trooper Haver says, "the driver said he got out and was okay and was fine when I got here."

The truck was a 2012 Dodge Ram with only 85,000 miles and Marshall says the truck has never had electrical problems in the past.

Marshall says this was a Red Hills Hot Shot company vehilce based out of Elk City, Oklahoma and officials say nobody was injured during the fire.