Vandalism At Jump Crazy Construction Site

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Vandalism on the construction site of a new trampoline park Saturday night has officials scratching their heads.

The type of vadalism at the 'Jump Craze' site is much more than just graffiti. Co-owner Shawn McCoul says he doesn't expect there to be any sort of setback timewise for the project. However, monetary damages and stolen equipment are something that has owners and construction workers up in arms.

Evansville officials say the intruder gained access to multiple pieces of equipment and did a significant amount of damage to the property

Tom Laughrey, Captain and Interim Chief of Evanville Police Dept. says, "sometimes we'll have property damages as far as on constuction sites. Things like broken windows, minor damage to equipment. Nothing usuallty of this magnitude."

Although it's unconfirmed if a key was left inside of one of the machines, officials are unsure of how the intruder gained access to the piece of machinery. However, some keys are universal for that type of equipment.

Laughrey says, "I do know that several of them have common keys and at this point I don't have any information as far as if it was a key on scene."

McCoul was stunned to hear the news.

"My wife and I both were just shocked that somebody would be so brave and so close to the interstate right across the street from the c'mon inn where they would be so visible."

And in this case, it wasn't just vandalism that has construction crews upset, but also stolen and broken equipment too.

"Initially i thought that it was maybe somebody that was just drunk and out tearing stuff up, but then we heard that they stole a bunch of the tools and some of that stuff. So, it made me think that maybe there was a little bit more to it."

Monetary damages on site are not official yet, but mccoul says the only way they have any chance of avoiding serious jail time is to come forward now.

"I don't know if they realize how much damage they did to the equipment. I mean there's over $100k worth of damage and that's not even including the damage they did on the site above us."

McCoul says right now they have plenty of time to get their foundation set for the new building and the steel package will arrive on site and be ready for construction on June 1st..

Despite the vandalism and theft over the weekend, Jump Craze still has plans for their grand opening on August 15th.
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