Vacant Lander Building Now Occupied After Four Years.

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A building in the heart of downtown Lander was vacant for about 4 years... But now it's getting some use. The building dates back to the 1880's where it was Lander's first bank.

“Amoretti name being a familiar one in the settlement of Lander,” says Joyce Dauler.

Amoretti is often called Lander's founder... He's the one who first put this building to use.

“It was the first bank in Lander and it was created by Eugene Amoretti. The building was built in 1884, so it's a very, very early building,” says Randy Wise, Fremont County Pioneer Museum.

“It's just beautiful. This building is wonderful and it's right in the heart of town,” says Susan Meeker, In My Window Owner.

But the building was vacant after a flower shop closed its doors.

“It was a big vacant space that was just a cool historic block of town,” says Martha Cook, former Wildwood employee.

“It’s been heartbreaking for all of us seeing it sitting here empty for all these years,” says Meeker.

The building is now occupied by a clothing boutique.

“I just love the history of these old buildings and I love that we were able to use to old window from the bank, from Amoretti,” says Meeker.

Although the building has been remodeled... Some aspects of its old uses are still in place. In the basement of the building which housed the first bank of Lander is the original vault, which came from the 1890's.

“These buildings are a part of our history and it is important to be able to preserve them and use them in an active way,” says Wise.

The upstairs of the building still has an old shuffleboard painted on the ground and a space with old artifacts.

“It is bringing new into the old and pointing out the historical value of this block,” says Dauler.

Historical experts say it's important to have the building occupied not only for Lander's economy... But also so visitors and residents can enjoy the history.