United States Prepares for Ebola

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Two American doctors who were infected with Ebola while treating patients in Liberia are coming home to be treated at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. Even in Wyoming, doctors are watching the situation overseas to examine the risk of an outbreak occurring here.

"We already follow those guidelines for treating with, you know, infected patients or patients that may have an infectious disease," says Kristy Bleizeffer of Wyoming Medical Center.

If there was an outbreak in the United States, the CDC will notify medical centers across the nation. If a patient comes in an ER unknowingly carrying the virus, hospital staff will inform other patients to be aware of the symptoms and to go to their medical provider.

"I think if everybody is vigilant and follows the reporting requirements, then everybody should be able to be on top of it pretty quickly," says Tracy Murphy, MD at Wyoming Department of Health.

While there has not been an outbreak in the United States, Dr. Murphy advises Americans to be especially aware while they are traveling.

"If they were to travel to these nations that have Ebola going on, they need to certainly stay away from places that may house sick people," says Dr. Murphy.

Medical experts are not extremely concerned with the Ebola Virus hitting Wyoming any time soon and urge that the CDC should be able to contain it.