United Blood Services Need More Blood Donations

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Casper -(KCWY) "I can be helping someone and it's something that people need and you don't know you need it until you need it right then," said Amber Gall, a blood donor.

Wyoming Medical Center staff wants you to donate blood to help make a difference.

"We use a lot of blood here at Wyoming Medical Center, we have a trauma center, we never know what the needs are going to be," said the Wyoming Medical Center laboratory medical director, Lydia Christiansen.

Casper residents lined up today, some of them regularly donate, and for others it was their first time.

"I just think of if I was ever in need that I would hope that somebody had taken time to donate blood,” said Gall.

Two infants in the hospital need O negative blood right now. In the past 3 months 13 infants have needed lifesaving blood.

"The only place we get blood is from donors, so we don't have blood for those who need it unless people come in and donate it," said Christiansen.

The goal today, 42 units. All blood types are in demand, but the most sought after type is o negative.

"O-neg is the blood type we can give to everybody so we really need the o negs blood type to come in and donate particularly,” said Christiansen.

Gall has been donating since college as often as she can.

"if I just give a single unit of blood cell I can give blood every eight weeks, it will be every sixteen weeks now that I got a double unit of red blood cells, I try to come as soon as I’m eligible again," said Gall.

Super bowl weekend doesn't make it easier on the blood supply, Wyoming Medical Center workers say unfortunately accidents increase, and so will the demand for blood.

"it's usually busy when I am here so I come knowing that it will take a little time, but I invest that time knowing I’m helping someone else," said Gall.