US Coast Guard Auxiliary Looking for Volunteers in Wyoming

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Wyoming may not be on the coast, but there is a Coast Guard presence here. News 13's Jeff Platt shows us how they plan to make a difference.
There's a new sheriff in town. Okay it's not a sheriff, but there are some members of the Auxiliary Coast Guard in Casper and they want to make the water safer.
Greg Irwin, a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary said, "We're very interested, with the Coast Guard Auxiliary is teaching people about how to make sure that their boats are properly equipt, that they are safe on the water."
Casper Fire Department Official Craig Kidder says when it comes to moving water; there's no such thing as too much help.
Kidder said, "Any time we can get people reminding other others to be safe that's always a good thing."
Irwin agrees and hopes the Auxiliary Coast Guard can get some recognition from the big city and county departments.
Irwin said, "We would love to be involved with the Fire Department and Sheriff's department for example to assist in their other efforts."
Kidder says this mentality doesn't surprise him coming from fellow Wyomingites.
Kidder said, "As Wyoming citizens we all look out for each other, so if we see someone that's doing something that might get them into trouble we might give them a heads up."
He thinks the Auxiliary can become useful and looks forward to seeing what they make of themselves.
Kidder said, "More is always better we just have to see how it develops."
If Irwin's plans come to fruition, it will develop quite a bit.
Irwin said, "We are looking to expand to where we have enough members in Wyoming to where we can have a Wyoming Flotilla, where we can focus on Wyoming issues."