Two Dead on Interstate 25

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A crash on Interstate 25 this morning results in two fatalities and the closing of the interstate temporarily. With slick driving conditions and patches of black ice from Casper to Douglas, drivers were stranded for hours.

And as it turns out, these fatalities are yet another result of not wearing your seatbelt.
Around 6:30 a.m. this morning, a car lost control and rolled over on its side, costing the lives of two people. Both lanes of I-25, Northbound and Southbound, were closed between Casper and Douglas, resulting in major traffic jams. Tractor trailors had to pull over until the interstate reopened. Highway officials want to stress the importance of wearing your seatbelt.

Officer Andrew Olson of the Wyoming Highway Patrol in Douglas says, "things can change in an instant on the highway. So, make that split second choice to put your seatbelt on. Cause that's how long it takes. Unfortunately, we had two fatalities this morning because they didn't make that choice."

Leading up to this crash, Wyoming Highway Patrol has reported 23 other fatalities on Wyoming highways since the beginning of 2014, which is approximately four more than this time last year.
State troopers continue to investigate the scene of the crash, and i-25 reopened this afternoon. They urge all drivers to wear their seatbelts.
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