Torrington Native George Nash is Named Jefferson Finalist

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Torrington resident George Nash is among the four final nominees for this year's 10th Annual Jefferson Award for his outstanding community volunteer service over the years.

Nash, who is a Rotarian, and Veteran has accomplished many great projects over the years. Out of 36 nominees from around the state, needless to say, Nash is thrilled to be among the finalists.

George Nash joined the Torrington Rotary Club in 1963 and this past summer marks 50 years as a memeber. Nash says he lives by the motto "Service Above Self."

"In a community, when you take on a project, you get it done with the most expediency that you can and do a good job."

Nash has also been acknowledged for his perfect Rotary attendance record over those 50 years. "You have to have a minimum of 50% attendence, which I think is terrible!"

Nash also served a total of 37 years on the hospital board and as president twice, devoting his time and effort taking on big projects to help the community. "We built a hospital, and we built a 75-bed care center."

Wife and long time friend Marcia believes Nash should be nominated for this year's Jefferson Award after he received numerous Rotary awards. Including recognition of Nash's humility in volunteerism.

His wife Marcia says, "he's gotten the 'Quiet Rotarian [Award],' which is kind of unusual for George, because he's not really that quiet."

And with a father who served on the hospital board in Scottsbluff and a mother who was active in a Nebraska Methodist Church Organization, volunteer service seems to be something that runs in the family.

Nash says, "so maybe I just kind of inherited some of that. And when somebody would ask a question 'can we get some help,' I tried to be one of the first ones to put my hand up, "yeah i'll help out."

Nash also worked with the Mayor of Torrington back on the City Council in 1975 and again on Eastern Wyoming College Board of Trustees in 2008. He says Nash is a very hard worker and was glad to see him as a finalist for the award.

Mayor Mike Varney says, "one night I was watching Channel 13 News and I was kind of shocked, he's one of the four finalist, and I went 'wow, that is neat.' I really feel that George is a very worthy candidate and would be an excellent choice if he would be the finalist."

Nash says once his term is up with the college, he won't join any other boards. Though, he'll always continue to be involved in Rotary.

The Wyoming winner of the Jefferson Award will be named Monday, April 7th at the Parkway Plaza Hotel in Casper. News 13 thanks Serve Wyoming, Mountain View Regional Hospital and Hilltop National Bank for thier community service.
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