Tornado Touches Down on Casper Mountain

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CASPER, WY - Natrona County Emergency Management confirms a tornado touchdown Friday on Casper mountain.

The tornado itself didn’t last any more than five minutes and officials didn’t find any damage beyond a few trees with the tops torn off.

Officials were standing by to active sirens around Bates Creek and Web Creek but the tornado dissipated very quickly.

The tornado was not headed toward a very populated area.

EMS officials say they rely heavily on storm spotters during these events.

"Just this week we had weather spotters training up at the college that the National Weather Service put on. We depend upon and they depend upon spotters, ground spotters, because their radar did not indicate any type of location," said Natrona Co. Emergency Management Lt. Stewart Anderson.

Lieutenant Anderson says in the event of an emergency such as the one today, call 911 or the National Weather Service in Riverton.

Natrona County does get reports of at least one or two tornadoes every spring.