Tips on Surviving the Dog Days of Summer

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CASPER, WY - Many Casper residents are looking for ways to beat the heat this week, so News 13 looked into ways you can cool off in throughout the day.

After setting record highs today people around the area are taking the extra effort to keep their families comfortable and cool.

"This is our second time this week that we've actually came down here to the river to play in the water. It has been excruciatingly hot. They've been getting really antsy and everything," said Jamie Corey of Casper.

Sweltering hot days and evenings have many turning to local rivers and lakes to cool off.

"I like playing in the pools, the rivers and the lakes," said Issac of Casper

"You can float down the river. It's fun. Just can’t get past the rocks, you'll float into a current,” said Alyessa of Casper

"Like here when the water, since it goes fast, it takes you away. It’s fun to go really far and float," said Maddie of Casper

If your one who isn’t blessed with an air conditioner in your home there are some methods you can use to cool down.

"In the south they will actually take a damp sheet somewhere and let the air blow across it. When we have just air blow without any cooling, it’s just evaporation that makes us feel a little bit cooler," said Natrona County Disease Prevention Manager Trina Soper.

Some people are a little more sensitive to this heat than others and should be monitored in conditions like these.

"Infants and older people have a higher ratio of water to their body, so they tend to overheat a lot quicker then us in our 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, even 60s. It’s important to kind of monitor them," said Soper.

Explore all your options and you might even find your center.

"Well there’s the day and stresses and the heat. You can put your feet in the cold water," said Teresa Rodgers of Casper

Experts say if you haven’t any way to cool down take a cold shower and get your core body temperature down or wrap yourself around the shoulders with a wet towel.

Natrona county health officials remind people to watch for signs of overheating such as a flush face or sudden stop in sweating.