Safety Through The Eyes of a Construction Zone Flagger

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Safety is the most important issue when it comes to construction workers on roads and highways and when it comes to construction flaggers they want to help keep you safe too.

Construction zone flaggers have it hard enough as it is working under the summer heat and you may be surprised at some drivers still do while driving through a construction zone.

Cassie Lopez a construction zone flagger says, "I know that people have spit in flaggers' face and flipped them off and called them profane words."

You'll want to pay close attention to the orange constuction signs that give warning ahead of the flagger, but that's not the only thing.

Bennet Scott of Keyhole Technologies says, "paying attention to what the flagger is telling them to do. Most of the time, they'll have a paddle that's telling people to slow down or stop."

Scott says there have been a number of close encounters when it comes to irresponsible driving near the orange cones.

"I know we've had a lot of close calls. I've had a had a few close calls where just people aren't paying attention and I was laying a barrel or a cone out on the road and they side-swiped the cone or barrel."

And if a driver doesn't follow the construction zone laws.

"We typically will try to get their license plate number and turn that over to the local authorities, whether it be the sheriff or police."

Det. J. Hatcher of Casper Police Dept. says, "in fact, we even had someone last week that was doing well over 40 miles an hour over the posted construction zone of 20 miles per hour.

And that driver is looking at a fine of over $700...

Bottom line is, if you keep them safe, they'll continue to keep you safe.

Lopez says, "we're out here to protect lives. Not only the traffic, but also the construction workers. We all have families to go home to at night."

Detective Hatcher wants to remind the public fines are doubled in construction zone areas.

The average construction zone flagger in Wyoming can make anywhere from $15 to $16 an hour.