Thrift Stores are Packed with Spring Wear

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CASPER, WY - Spring brings warm weather, flowers and maybe a chance to do some spring cleaning.

Thrift stores around town are slowly becoming packed with used goods as the season rolls in and during late March and early April many donation centers are stacked to the ceiling.

"Sometime about the middle of February people start thinking, oh boy I better start cleaning out these closets and getting rid of stuff,” said First United Thrift Store Volunteer Ruth Mitich. “It's mostly winter stuff that comes then and then closer now when April comes, that’s’ when they start bringing spring stuff."

With warmer weather lately you may be looking at some of this stuff you have in storage and thinking should I be using this or should I donate."

If you are making space in your home, most donation centers will gladly accept anything and everything.

"Not too often will we not take. We've got certain spots that we can use for storage. In our donation area we've got a trailer. We do different kinds of storing of the different clothing, season wise," said Rescued Treasures Assistant Manager Shannon Mevissen

Some companies work with local charities and use extra donations this time of year to give to those in need.

"If they're in need of clothing and stuff, we help them with clothing. Then they get the food and stuff over there in the shelter,” said Mevissen. “People that are just getting out on their feet, we might help with furniture if we have that available."

Extra volunteers are always needed at donation centers.

"We have people in the afternoons. They come over here and they work with us and help us out as far as pricing to tagging and putting stuff out," said Mevissen

Of course if you are looking for anything new for yourself, spring is a great time to see new trinkets.

"The nick nacks and froo froo what i call froo froo, nick nacks, and scarves. We take underwear and we take winter coats. Spring time, when it comes around, we'll take spring stuff, summer dresses and men’s clothes. We have a lot of men’s clothes,” said Mitich.

Rescued treasures thrift store will do donation pick-ups at your home if you call in advance.

You can do a tax write off at many donation centers, which show up on your next return.