Thomas Miller Sentenced For Murdering Wife in 2013

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Thomas Miller, the man found guilty of murdering his wife Natalie in march 2013, will serve what could be life in prison after his sentencing just a few short hours ago. Miller's trial ended with his conviction in February of this year.
The process took nearly two hours as more than half a dozen of Natalie's family members spoke. All of them as well as the state prosecutor asked the judge to make Miller spend his life in prison.
Miller's sister spoke and his attorney cited a previous case providing guidelines for judges in sentencing and said while, "This is nobody's fault but Miller's... There is room in this case for mercy and strict justice."
In the end the judge ruled, that based on what she called the horrific nature of the crimes and the staggering effect on the victim's family, that Miller serve a sentence of 60 years to life for second degree murder and 8 to ten years for the aggravated assault to be served consecutively.
I asked the state attorneys if this would ensure a life in prison for Miller and
They said "with this court system you simply never know."
Miller and Natalie have a son and daughter, his wife's parents are pursuing custody of the children and say they plan to keep miller's estate as a rental to make a trust for their grandchildren.