The McMurrys: The How, The Now, and The Wow! Part 2

Last night in the first part of his series "The McMurrys: The How, The Now, and The Wow!" News 13's Jeff Platt showed you how the McMurrys acquired their wealth.
Tonight I'm going to show you how the McMurry's are changing this empty room to help the community.
Susie McMurry has been doing community service far before she and Mick came into wealth. In college she was a tutor, and for years she was a school teacher and a hospital volunteer.
Susie McMurry said, "Children have always been a priority with me. I love children, My parents adored and valued children. And that's just how I grew up."
And once the wealth was there she gave a lot; especially to Casper's youth.
Susie said, "I receive far more than I give."
A huge part of the philanthropic work done by The McMurry Foundation is Susie's unwaivering tenacity.
Ashley Bright, with the Wyoming Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming, said, "When she gets fired up on something, and when it has to do with the development of children youth and families, she goes 100 percent."
And what a better way than one of the most successful families in the state to help our young ones than to teach them how to be successful. So when The Boxing Club and the Boys and Girls Clubs approached Susie and Mick with the idea for a financial literacy center: It was a no-brainer.
Susie said, "I would love love to be part of the Boys and girls club."
Thanks in large part to the McMurrys, this empty room will soon be a world-class financial literacy center and modular city. Teaching kids lessons about life as an adult.
Bright said, "Everybody is affected by learning how to manage their personal finances, and making good business decisions."
When the All-American center is complete Susie intends it becomes part of the curriculum for public schools here in Natrona County. Because of the ripple effect, there's no telling how many lives it will change.
Bright said, "I believe were talking about thousands that become millions."
Although it took a big effort to make the dream of the All-American center become a reality, Susie says it was an honor to construct. Because to her, helping others is what makes her life meaningful
Susie said, "Even in the smallest way, you can make a difference. and by making a difference in someone elses life you are certainly making a difference in your own life. Because that is the way that life becomes fulfilled."
They may give away a lot of money but they also keep some for themselves and their family. On the finale of "The McMurrys: The How, The Now, and The Wow!" I'm taking you inside the McMurry mansion to see how they use it. To see that exclusive tour of Mick and Susie's home join us tomorrow night right here on News 13 at 6.