The McMurrys: The How, The Now, and The Wow! Part 1

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The McMurrys are known throughout Casper as one of the wealthiest families around and as a family that uses that wealth to shape their community.
In the first segment of his three-part series *The McMurrys: The How, The Now, and The Wow* News 13's Jeff Platt shows us how one of the original Casper families rose to wealth.
It's the story of an ambitious young man, a war hero, a businessman, and a Casperite whose drive to work every day changed the face of city and state. It's the story of Neil McMurry and how an empire was formed.
In 1923 a boy is born in the small town of Gill, Colorado. Nine years later the same boy gets a job delivering newspapers in Casper making three dollars a month.
Mick McMurry said, "his name was W.N. Neil"
Age ten he opens a savings account and at 13 buys a car to deliver more papers in less time. On that day Neil McMurry the entrepreneur is born.
Mick said, "President Coolige said at that moment in time, 'The chief business of America is business.' I think he bought into that."
Before his business career could start, Neil served in the US military in WWII. He returned to Casper a Purple Heart recipient.
Mick said, "He had no food, no clothes"
It was then he began to work for Vern Rissler building the roads of Wyoming, but he wasn't an employee for long.
Mick said, "He said he only had time, so that's what he gave his first employer. Which turned out two years later to be his partner."
Neil would expand Rissler and McMurry into a start to finish highway contractor company. He was noted for running a fair, trustworthy, and quick operation.
Mick said, "His nickname was "Hurry McMurry."
But he never wanted it to become a family business, so his two sons started their own business, but the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
Mick said, "We did what he taught us how to do, be contractors. We competed twenty years against each other."
In 1992 Neil and Mick went into business together; took the risk no one else would and their lives were changed forever.
Mick said, "I said Dad, you know you and I would still be contractors if we had not been discovered by the Jonah and Pinedale field."
The sale of Jonah Field was the source of the wealth and Neil spent that wealth on the place he loved the most.
Casper City Manager John Patterson said, "Casper is a jewel here in the state of Wyoming, and it's because of the investment the McMurry's have made."
Neil didn't see it as an investment. To him it was a duty. A duty he passed on to Mick.
Mick said, "It was always that if you do have success, you have to share it. So that was the easy part of having success."
Neil McMurry passed away in July 2012, but Mick continues to succeed and share that success. I'll show you how in the next segment of *The McMurrys: The How, The Now, and The Wow.*
For the second segment of this three-part series join us tomorrow night right here on News 13 at 6.