The McMurrys: The How, The Now, and The Wow: Finale

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In the first two segments of his three part series *The McMurrys: The How, The Now, and The Wow* News 13's Jeff Platt showed you the McMurrys acquired their wealth and how they spend it on others. In the finale, he shows you how they spend it on themselves. And what a better way to do that than show you the inside of their home.
Susie said, "Welcome to our home! This is the home of Mickey and Susie McMurry, and our six beautiful granddaughters."
And yes they do have an elevator, cars,custom tiles in the bathrooms and custom light fixtures everywhere, but you'd be amazed to find out where Susie spends her time.
Susie said, "Between teenagers and grandchildren and Mickey and me, I spend a lot of time in the laundry room. But I'ts a nice place to spend, and it has a TV. It's a good thing."
I asked, "How usefully is having the murphey style ironing board?"
Susie said, "I hate wrinkles, so I use the ironing board daily."
With six grandchildren and two more on the way there are a lot of wrinkles, especially after they've been in the playroom.
Susie said, "Everything in this play room is used and loved."
I asked, "How much disarray is this room in after the granddaughters come over?"
Susie said, "Way! Haha."
There's even a stage and dressing room for the stars in Susie and Mick's life.
Susie said, "We have regular dance recitals, and performances."
And right next to the playroom is Susie's second most used room: The kitchen
I asked Susie, "Do You do all the cooking?"
Susie said, "Mhm. I do! Every Sunday I have all of our family over for dinner. Mickey grills every Sunday."
But with six grandchildren even Mick and Susie need a back-up plan for dinner.
Susie said, "A lot of Mac and Cheese goes in those microwaves."
And down in the basement is where everyone else eats, because the basement is a catering hall. All decked with art work all made by Wyoming artists including Chris Navaro.
Mick said, "He did the bucking horse for me in 2007. Then I ask him to do the American Flag, which he did do. As we've had people have fun here, we've had them sign. Dick Cheney, and Matt Mead, and Alan Simpson."
The room can hold 200 people and Mick says a lot of money has been raised for Wyoming charities here but Susie and Mick's favorite room is actually outside.
Susie said, "This is the room we just completed."
Mick said, "Entirely Susie's idea, 'cus I said we've got enough patio."
I asked, "Did this end up being everything you wanted it to be, this out door patio?"
Susie said, "Yeah it really did!"
Mick said, "More than I thought it would be."
Susie said, "We had a reception for the Governor out here, that was our first one. And the furniture wasn't here, so I went to Sam's club and bought some furniture."
Mick and Susie don't know what the next project is, but one thing is for sure; Like their house, they're not moving.
Mick said, "We're lifers, we're not leaving. You're stuck with us."
I asked, "Is it the idea to just when you can't use it anymore to just give it back?"
Mick said, "What we'll do with it when we're gone, I think it will be a community house of some sort. We've been very blessed and so we're gonna keep paying it forward."
Throughout the making of this series i was consistently taken back by how two people who have as much wealth as Susie and Mick do can be just regular down to earth people.