The First Annual Pioneer Games Raises Money for Trail Center

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Casper - (KCWY) "The Historic Trails Center does a fantastic job really bringing the whole trail experience to life but what we wanted to do is actually give people the chance to try it and see how hard it really is,” said Kira Johnson the Pioneer Games Assistant Coordinator.

If you have ever played Oregon Trail you know exactly what pioneers faced when traveling west and Saturday history became reality in Casper.

"It’s a lot easier than what the pioneers experienced, but it's just a taste of what they got to do,” said Johnson.

If you ask most participants it wasn't easy at all, many having to dig their own graves, pull an authentic Mormon handcart, and News 13's Wendi lane even had a baby, of course a fake one.

"I had a baby, his name is Cyrus Edward, he's beautiful, I'm so proud,” said Wendi Lane.

After traveling over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, throwing cow pies in a fire, and crossing through the Columbia River, our pioneers were almost to their destination.

"They are happy they survived, it's been a unique experience, and I’ve heard a lot of concern about snakes,” said Johnson.

Although it isn't a competition, some chose to make it one and raced to finish first.

The day’s events also included a 5k run and walk, a gumbo cook off and car show, all proceeds going directly back to the trail center.

"We are hoping to do it next year and the years to come and everyone would enjoy this event,” said Aubrey Valdez the National Historic Trails Center Executive Director.

While some made it out of the games safe and healthy, just like in history, not every pioneer was so lucky.

"It's a huge part of Wyoming history and it kind of brings it to life, and after here they are welcome to go to the Trail center and really learn more about it and see how hard it was for the pioneers,” said Johnson.