Benefits Of Pre-arranging A Funeral

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It's often said there are two things that are certain in life... death and taxes. And with tax season finally over, there are some things you should know when it comes to planning a funeral.

Jed Dunnichay, Funeral Director at Newcomer Funeral Home says, "This is an important time in someone's life. They don't wake up in the morning and say let's go to the funeral home."

You can apply the same shopping techniques you use for other major purchases, like cutting costs. For example, limiting the viewing period to one day, or even an hour before the funeral helps.

"There's usually a viewing of the body, which is very therapeutic to be able to say goodbye."

And it's easy for people to feel rushed when making arrangements, so take your time ahead of time.

"I would encourage the community before they make a decision," says Dunnichay, "to go visit that facility because what you see is maybe not what you would get."

But one of the most important things you can do, is to not let your emotions take control of your wallet.

"They feel that this is the last thing that they can possibly do for their loved one and it is easy to overspend."

Kim Manchego, Managing Funeral Director at Newcomer Funeral Home says, "We do it daily. You know, we go to the store and see something we really have to have and it's an easy thing to do. With pre-planning, you have that chance to make an informed decision."

Bottom line, morticians say making pre-arrangements for a funeral shouldn't be overlooked... And it's something the whole family can appreciate.

"It really relieves them from that burden of coming up with the numerous decisions that they'd have to make at that time."
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